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The mousesports Street Fighter V player Ben "ProblemX" Simon has won the Sonic Boom FGC Madrid tournament last weekend, which was part of the Capcom Pro Tour 2017.


Sonic Boom 2017 was held in Madrid, Spain from April 1st through 2nd. The Premier event featured some of the best Street Fighter V players from all accross the globe to battle it for important points in the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour.


ProblemX started well into the tournament, as he secured early victories against Gold, Flash Metroid & Rivarsal. In the meantime, his teammate CCL became victorious over Alex Saske in the round of 64, but lost to local hero Vegapatch in the round of 32. Knocked down to the lower bracket, CCL couldn't get a grip on Atrosh's strong Birdie play to drop out of the tournament.


Meanwhile, ProblemX continued his winning streak by defeating Brick in the UB quarterfinals to face off against Echo Fox Justin Wong in the UB semis. With ProblemX dominating the game from the start, Justin Wong was forced to switch his character to Chun-Li, a move that allowed him to put his first set on the board. But ProblemX switchef off his iconic Birdie character in favor of M.Bison himself, to win in one of the closest rounds of Street Fighter V history.



In the UB Final, ProblemX met NASR’s Big Bird, a strong Ken player from the United Arab Emirates. The thrilling encounter between both players had ProblemX taking another victory in the end, which granted him a slot in the Grand Final and a top 2 finish already. But it wasn’t the last matchup between arguably the two strongest players of the tournament, as Big Bird eliminated ZOWIE’s Oil King in the Consolation Final to face off against ProblemX once more for the title.


In the Grand Final, ProblemX took quick control over the match, but Big Bird managed to get off some decent counter strikes and combos. The mousesports player decided not to slow down the momentum and kept the pressure high, especially in the 5th and final round, when his aggressive Birdie play secured him his first Premier championship victory of the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour.


"I'm extremely happy to have won the first European CPT this year, this gives me a great start on the road to Capcom Cup qualification. I want to thank mousesports in particular for giving me that extra confidence boost and drive to do well. Hopefully I continue to perform to a high level that me and all my supporters can be proud of."


Next up for both mousesports Street Fighter V players is another Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Premier event, namely the Ultimate Fighting Arena in Paris, France from April 8th through 9th, held in the Jean-Bouin stadium.



Sonic Boom 2017 Results (Top 16)

# Player Team Characters Points
1st ProblemX mousesports Birdie / M.Bison 160
2nd Big Bird NASR Ken 100
3rd Oil King ZOWIE Rashid 70
4th Justin Wong Echo Fox Karin / Chun-Li 40
5th ImStillDaDaddy DA Guile 20
5th Cabelcog - Cammy 20
7th Packz - Karin 10
7th Takamura_B - Ken 10
9th VegaPatch x6tence F.A.N.G. 5
9th Akainu - Guile / R.Mika 5
9th Atrosh - Birdie 5
9th Brick - Zangief 5
13th Mister Crimson MD Dhalsim 1
13th Afii - Laura 1
13th Zera - Akuma 1
13th Digos Up M.Bison 1



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