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Two weeks are played in the long awaited season of the Vainglory 8 and our start could have been better. After the first play days we find ourselves at the end of the table. Not all is lost, as the team wants to turn things around this week against Rising Lotus.


Week 1

The opening schedule was packed. We started against record champion Team Secret, where we were able to get a great start and opened the season with a triple kill. Unfortunately it was all downhill from there, as the newly formed Secret were able to outmaneuver us in the rest of the series, giving the mousesports team no room to start a comeback. Especially Team Secret's L3oN got to work, demonstrating the importance for his team with 9/2/1 stats on Ringo in the first game.


Vainglory8 Week 1 - Game 1


In game two, Team Secret managed to draw first blood at the five minute mark, courtesy of their aggressive early game playstyle, followed by constant pressure on mousesports' T1 tower. Losing two towers during the mid game put EmirKing and his team in serious disadvantage, as Team Secret maintained control over mousesports' jungle from there on to finish off game two.


Vainglory8 Week 1 - Game 2


Highlights Week 1


Week 2

Week 2 started with another high calibre matchup, as mousesports had to face the likes of SK Gaming, one of the favorites for the Vainglory8 Spring season, with their new, very ambitious lineup.


The first game started at a slow pace, as both teams were looking to gain an early advantage but were not willing to overcommit for it. As kills have been traded back and forth, mousesports started a promising battle in the jungle, however, SK Gaming’s KValafar was able to trade effectively to secure a lead for SK. After just about 10 minutes, SK Gaming picked up the first turret and KValafar kept being the driving force behind SK’s pushes, that ultimately led to a well deserved victory for SK in game one.


Vg8w2 game1


The second game started with a very early First Blood over to SK Gaming, as Tyruzz and jetpacks caught mousesports player Asater off-guard in his own jungle at the two minute mark. While mousesports tried to recover from SK’s first strike by pressuring the lane, SK managed to put Tyruzz into favorable fights, earning him a quick 3/0/0 record after four minutes to work with.


From there on, SK Gaming snowballed their way to a victory in game two, as Tyruzz’s early game advantage set up for KValafar’s 9/0/8 streak, while sitting at a 8/1/7 record for himself. Week 2 has been another troublesome performance for mousesports against SK Gaming, as the team is looking to bring the first points on the board this Vainglory8 season.


Vg8w2 game2


Highlights Week 2


"Our start into the season was a disaster. We need to bounce back quickly." - mouz.EmirKing

Coming up this weekend: Week 3

It is time to look forward and get the first points on the board for mousesports Vainglory. On Saturday we meet Rising Lotus, a team that is just one point ahead of us in the current rankings. „Our start to the season was a disaster. We need to bounce back quickly, so we have worked hard this week to get out of our little slump and start climbing against Rising Lotus. We shouldn't underestimate them, as they also had a rough start and are way stronger than it looks on paper“, says mouz Vainglory player Emir „EmirKing“ Dedushi.


The team needs all the support it can get when they face off against Rising Lotus on Saturday at 19:30 CET. Watch the games live on Twitch.tv/vainglory.

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